http://nmca-nm.org/?cheapjerseys-6419_html I was born in Ankara. I have completed my primary and high school education in Ankara.

I took sculpting and wood-carving courses in the Art Education Department of Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey. I have studied in Devrim Erakalin’s studio for 4 years.

http://roosevelts21st.com/event/half-priced-apps-2/2018-10-04/?ical=1 I’ve opened my first studio in Istanbul in 2009. I’ve been practicing my art and organizing workshops in my studio for 8 years.

Form, figure and the sense of rhythm…

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phentermine 37.5 I apply basic carving or sculpturing hardwood techniques or simple forming experiments in order to form a special way liaising between me and nature. Some  of these practices give sense of rhythm on these kinds of working materials.

http://rowaytongardeners.org/carvathon2014-pumpkingroup/ By doing this, I can have a chance to create figural experiments that give references directly to nature, arising from textural, olfactive and chromatic qualifications of wood.

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http://pittsbororoadhouse.com/tag/articles-about-pittsboro-roadhouse/feed/ Process itself is in the core center of my work rather than the consequence and preserving abstractions prolifically. References in two dimensions  on paper sheets or sketched in folios and their transformation to three dimensional pieces make the part of the process of my works. Accepting the sensation of inexpression, which can be deemed  to a main piece of expression process, and bringing out formations, which express “what more is to say?” center on my life.

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